Tuesday, 8 November 2011

RIP Hickstead!

Hi sorry have not had time to blog recently and will do a proper one very soon.
This is just a quick blog to vent my absolute disgust at the exploitation of the death of the Olyimpic Champion Hickstead! I am shocked beyond belief that people are putting video after video on U Tube in the most distasteful manner! This horse was one of the true greats and will never be forgotten through the legacy he leaves behind, and this how he should be remembered not through some sick U Tube video with repulsive comments. I am just as shocked that other than flagging the videos there is no way of directly reporting to U Tube! How they justify allowing these videos is beyond me, would they allow a video showing the death of a human!?!?!? I think NOT!! this is utterly ridiculous!
I am asking all my blog and twitter followers to report/flag these videos.
The showjumping world is in mourning for this tradic loss to the sport and Eric show a bit of repect!