Tuesday, 12 July 2011

There is always one thing that never fails to make u smile!!

Hello world, my first blog no idea what I am doing so bear with me and here goes.
As most people who have horses know it is never ending, one thing after another all day every day. I thought i was being smart by choosing at this moment in time to concentrate on my work riding for others, rather than keeping my own. Pah not smart at all even more running around driving here there and everywhere trying to keep everyone happy!! So after a manic day being up at silly o'clock to deal with a 5hr colic a good 40 min drive to my yard of the day Holden Fold Stud, I find I have more to ride than planned and little time to do it as i have to attend the dentist at 4 o'clock to have horrible injections and fillings due to a fall from yes u guessed it a horse. It never fails to make me think why i feel the need to put myself through the headaches and pain (from countless falls from daft breakers over the years) that horses bring...........and then I get to the last horse of the day Spyder HFD. This amazing creature reminds me what its all about, don't get me wrong I ride a lot of amazing horses young and old all day every day (its my job!). But this guy is one in a million, 3yrs old riding only a few months but oh such a dream to ride, has a total yes mum no mum attitude, learns something in seconds and straight away gives you that "whats next?" feeling. He reminds me why I do my job when you get that feeling (which all you riders will know what i am talking about) that feeling of total connection with such a powerful animal, that u know they are waiting to do anything ask of them as they want to please. That just makes me smile, everyone must think I am mad when they see me riding him as i am grinning like a Cheshire cat the whole time! Fingers crossed tomorrow wont be quite so manic, but at least i know that i will always find something to make me smile! :)

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